Monday, November 12, 2012

A Week of Insanity (#773-786)

One platter I sent to the reception
I really don't know why I get myself into these predicaments when I have so much more that needs to get done than what can reasonably get accomplished. Last week, I was buried deep under too much to do. I had apples that needed to get processed, desserts to be made, soap to package, doctor's appointments to keep, and life to keep up with. I didn't get it all done and had to lower some of my expectations, but honestly, I still don't know how I accomplished what I did.

So, what were the end results?
  • 80 quarts of apple sauce canned. 
  • Extra apple sauce eaten or refrigerated for immediate use. 
  • 18 bags of apple pie/crisp filling frozen. 
  • 1 bag of dried apple slices. 
  • 5 loads of laundry washed.
  • 90 red velvet cake pops made.
  • 60 raspberry lemon tartlets made.
  • 4 dessert platters sent to the concert/fundraiser.
  • soap packaged and sent for the auction.
  • dr visited.
  • shopping accomplished.
  • floor washed.

What didn't get done?
  • laundry wasn't finished or put away.
  • making my own lemon curd.
  • house cleaning.
  • nutritious meals for my family.
  • much more that I can't even remember.

I was so overwhelmed last week. By the end of the week, I was having a hard time functioning. Of course, learning that my obstetrician thinks that I'll be having our baby around Christmastime didn't help any. Suddenly, I find myself with a ton of stuff to get done in 5.5 weeks. And when you factor in appointments happening every week for the next 3 weeks for sure and at least one trip to Calgary to see the specialist, I actually have much less time than that. I've worked at paring down my list and have managed to eliminate or postpone several items, but still I was paralyzed. Thankfully, yesterday morning, Dave helped me to get a few more things figured out and helped me get even more off my list. So, even though my list is extremely long still, I think I'll be able to manage it now. I just need to be a little more intentional in my use of time. This week will be a little bit of a breather, with only one short appointment on Thursday morning. The rest of the week, I plan to be here at home, crossing things off my list as I am able to. And hopefully, this week I will be able to get prepared for the rush of the next week or two.

Pray that things go well for us. With the antibodies rising with this blood incompatibility, our baby is being subjected to more stress than normal. And knowing that is hard for me to deal with. There are a lot of uncertainties that we are facing right now, and I just pray that this stress is not too much for our boys and for us. Thank you for your prayers.
773. an extra hour for sleeping
774. help
775. fresh apple sauce
776. a family shopping trip
777. visiting the library
778. getting to snuggle with Titus every day before naptime
779. my new laundry soap that is so simple to make
780. new tires on my van
781. apple saucing is finished
782. breakfast in bed
783. no charlie horses for a few days
784. seeing our baby girl in ultrasound again
785. knowing I have to be ready by Christmas
786. this week of insanity coming to a close

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